We have only contracts with DSW,  Amerfoortse,  Stad Holland, ONVZ, Ditzo, Amersfoortse, ASR, VVAA, PNO insurance companies . If you have an additional healthcare insurance for physiotherapy with these companys the bill goes directly to your insurance company. 

If you do not have supplementary insurance with the above mentioned companies, you have to pay in advance and sent the bill to your insurance company (they refund a percentage when you have a restitutie policy).

If you do not have Dutch insurance the following rates apply (the cost you can in most cases use as a deduction of dutch tax):  Due to the Coronavirus telephone video consult is

Price per session:

  • First Consult comprehensive examination (max 60 min)€ 60.00.

  • Therapy (max 30 min) € 40.00.

  • Videoconsult (max 30 min) 40 euro.

  • Telephone consult (max 10 min) 15 euro

  • Home therapy surcharge € 50.00.

  • Fascia training € 50.00.

  • Ultrasound Diagnostic € 45.00  surcharge.

  • EMG diagnostic € 35 euro surcharge.

  • Thermography € 35 euro surcharge.

  • Stress profile(Biofeedback) € 35 surcharge.

  • Missed appointment € 35.00. 

  • Massage € 35.00.

  • When taping, tape contribution € 5.00. 

  • Payment terms according to  VVF

  • In our practice we work according to the central guidelines for physiotherapy of the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy (KNGF)

  • The rights and duties of patients within our practice set out in the "model legislation therapist-patient" of the KNGF 

  • Your data is stored in our computer system in accordance with the Law Personal Register (WPR)

  • All our data are under the the privacy regulations

  • Our rates are not subject to VAT

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The prices for the treatments do not apply to people who are insured for physiotherapy. If the appointment is made you will receive a confirmation in your mailbox. When the appointment is made you get an email to confirm the appointment.

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