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Specialist in Full Body Assessment.

Total Physiotherapy in Amsterdam.

At FysioHulp, we believe your journey to a pain-free life and optimal movement starts with understanding your body's full story. Whether you're dealing with a tight muscle, myofascial tension, a stubborn muscle knot, or a pinched nerve, our mission is to unravel the core of your complaints. We always ask: what's at the root of your issue?

A tense muscle from poor posture demands more than a temporary fix like dry needling; it requires an adjustment in your posture. Back pain from lifting incorrectly due to weak thigh muscles? Our focus is on a thorough analysis to find the true cause. Our secret? In-depth exploration that looks beyond the complaint itself.

We're proud to employ the most advanced techniques for your recovery, techniques I teach to fellow physiotherapists worldwide - from the USA to China, and from Qatar to the Netherlands. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools like ultrasound, sEMG, and even Artificial Intelligence, we provide a precise diagnosis of your condition.

Every client deserves our undivided attention: from head to toe, you're examined to get a complete picture of your musculoskeletal system and how your body responds to treatment. Thanks to my international experience, we have a wide array of treatment techniques - from methods well-known in the Netherlands to Germany's Schlingentisch therapy and Italy's innovative Desmotec training methods.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We're proud of our top ratings in customer satisfaction on Google and Zorgkaart Nederland. At FysioHulp, you're at the centre. With a comprehensive movement analysis and examination, we're your first step to recovery. If necessary, we guide you through our extensive network to the specialist who can further assist you.

Choose FysioHulp, where your recovery begins with understanding the full picture. Your body deserves the best care, informed by global expertise and the latest technological advancements. Discover today how we can help you on your path to a life full of movement and without pain.

When a treatment should be applied? 

This can be effectively used for:

  • Pain - acute contusion after sports sprain of muscles and joints. 

  • Pain - Chronic (also in pain whose medical cause is unknown). 

  • Sports injuries - acute and chronic. 

  • General musculoskeletal complaints (Back, Neck, Shoulder, Etc.) 

  • Changes in sensation, strength and coordination loss. 

  • Movement restrictions after trauma/surgery. 

  • Scars.

We use only natural ingreadients, like our home made wax

Doktor-K Deep Wax

Make an online appointment

The prices for the treatments do not apply to people who are insured for physiotherapy. If the appointment is made you will receive a confirmation in your mailbox. When the appointment is made you get an email to confirm the appointment.

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