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Journey of discovery into the world of physiotherapy and AI and among the top of California's finest.

December 2023 marks an inspiring journey to the heart of medical progress in California. My visit to the rehabilitation department of Cedar Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital, the number one hospital in the state, was a revelation in the management of musculoskeletal problems. The opportunity to see how colleagues work there not only provided insight into their advanced methods, but also into the warm care with which patients are treated.

However, this experience was more than just a visit; it was an opportunity to learn and share. In Los Angeles I had the honor of teaching a group of physiotherapists on 'Pattern Recognition and Implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the Assessment'. These sessions provided a deep dive into how AI technologies can be integrated into physiotherapy practice, revolutionizing the way we assess and treat patients.

The integration of AI in physiotherapy opens new doors for both patients and healthcare providers. It allows us to make diagnoses and develop personalized rehabilitation plans with unprecedented accuracy. This visit and the lectures not only broadened my perspective, but also strengthened my passion for my profession.

I look forward to further developments in this field and how I can use this knowledge to provide my patients with the best care. The future of physical therapy is bright, and I am proud to be at the forefront of this innovation.


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