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FysioHelp is already 25 years a household name in Amsterdam as a movement specialist. With this developed innovation, I also help national and international colleagues with this method. FysioHelp is the best total muscle specialist in Amsterdam.                                     

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gecontracteerde fysiotherapie beste fysiotherapie in Amsterdam

Physiotherapy, however, does not look at the limited area of the complaint but the functioning of the total musculoskeletal system. 

The body does not work in separate parts, so we look at the whole foot-knee-hip-back-shoulder-elbow wrist in relation to the complaint. 

It is our mission to view and analyze the overall picture. And thus, search for the origin of the complaint (s) and then create a personal treatment program. The aim is to provide patients with insight into their complaints and functioning. Partly through this insight, we want to reduce complaints, but we also try to prevent the problems from recurring. 

Alexander Kudus beste physiotherapy fysiotherapie



Fascia therapist

Musculoskeletal ultrasound 

Biofeedback therapist

Fascia needling

Alexander Kudus 

(Born GDR / East Germany), has studied physiotherapy at the University of Amsterdam (1992). Alexander then worked at the prestigious Beutler clinic near St. Gallen in Switzerland. In Switzerland, he worked and experimented with new techniques (including Trigger points and dry needling, which was still unknown in the Netherlands). With his father, a paediatrician/acupuncturist (A. Kudus was the first batch of paediatricians at VU University in Amsterdam), he experimented with what is now known as dry needling. In 1996 he started his practice in Amsterdam, where his father worked. Alexander's interest in the fascia is awakened by the many international courses/seminars he has attended. In addition to the work in practice, Alexander gives lectures abroad on fascia and teaches in Romania, Italy, China, the USA, Qatar and more; Alexander studies clinical epidemiology at the faculty of medicine at the University of Amsterdam

Specialization:  tennis elbow, neck pain, low back pain. Trigger points, Fascia Needling, fascia therapy

Language: Dutch, English, German.

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