Fysiohulp is 25 years specialized in total body assessment and finding the best treatment strategy.

I will try to find the source of your problem. My specialization is Fascia treatment and I teach this worldwide.

The practice is open for consultation and treatment. We like to recall the strict regulations: stay at HOME if you experience a cough, painful throat, sneezing, a headache or feel a temp-rise (till 37,5 C) or fever (more than 38 C). Contact your GP.


Fysiohulp has the best Physiotherapy

scores in Amsterdam on Google review, Independer, and Zorgkaart.

In 2022 we have a contract with the following insurance companys: DSW/ Stad Holland /ASR/ Jaaa/ Twente / Amersfoortse / Ditzo / ONVZ / VVAA / PNO Verzekeringen/Salland /ZorgDirect / HollandZorg /ENO. All other insurance companys you have to pay in advanced, and sent the bill to your insurance. It depends on your insurance package what is coverd.

I am a physiotherapist who is specialised in myofascial and IASTM (instrumented assist soft tissue mobilisation) treatments in Amsterdam. I developed the fascia treatment method with my colleague Ernst van der Wijk. And we train physiotherapist worldwide in our method.  


The FIT-method (Fascia Integration Therapy) is a part of physiotherapy. We do not look at a local area of the complaint, but we look at the total functioning of the movement.

The body does not work as loose parts, so we look at your functioning as total. So we look at the functioning of the foot-knee-hip-back-shoulder-elbow-wrist in relation to the complaint.  

At FysioHulp located in Amsterdam, we where one of the first (1996) who is using IASTM and myofascial treatments to patients in the Netherlands.  We developed IASTM (Instrumented Assist Soft Tissue Mobilisation) tools, what we are selling worldwide to physiotherapists  (fasciamaster.com). And we train physiotherapist how to use this within the treatments.

It is our mission to look at the total picture and to analyse this.  We want to look at the source of the complaint(s) and to give you the most efficient treatment. It is our goal to give the patients insight into their complaint and functioning. With this insight, the recovery is faster, but you are also working on the preventive side. To get there we use a 3 phase plan. We work according to the latest scientific insights and common sense.  Within 3 sessions we can evaluate the treatment. 



Fascia therapist

Musculoskeletal ultrasound engineer Orthomolecularly trained

Biofeedback therapist


Fascia needling

Alexander Kudus 

(Born GDR / East Germany), has studied physiotherapy at the University of Amsterdam (1992). Alexander worked than at the prestigious clinic near St. Gallen in Switzerland where many worked and experimented already with new techniques (including Trigger points and dry needling, which was still unknown in the Netherlands). Together with his father pediatrician / acupuncturist  (A.Kudus was the first group of pediatricians comming from Vrije University Amsterdam) he experimented already what is now known as dry needling. In 1996 he started his practice in Amsterdam, where his father worked. Alexander interest in fascia is awakened by the many international courses / seminars he has attended. In addition to the work in practice, Alexander set up with his collegue Ernst van der Wijk the fasciatraining centre at fasciaweb. In addition, Alexander gives lectures abroad on fascia and teaches in Romania, Italy, China, USA, Qatar and more, Alexander studies clinical epidemiology at the faculty of medicine in the University of Amsterdam

Specialization:  tennis elbow, neck pain, low back pain. Trigger points, Fascia Needling, fasciatherapy

Language: Dutch, English, German.

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