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We are the movement specialists.

The fascia is also located between the muscle fibres and ensures that these fibres may move with respect to each other well. 
Overloading the muscles (for example, trauma) adhesions can occur, and the so-called trigger points (painful hardening in the muscles) is one part of this. 
The Fasciatherapeut can trace the origin of the complaint and treat this. This often provides immediate relief and also leads to a direct reduction in the complaint.  


The technique at Fysiohulp is different from conventional therapies.  It is a three-step plan. 

When a fascia treatment should be applied? 

This can be effectively used for:

  • Pain - acute contusion after sports sprain of muscles and joints. 

  • Pain - Chronic (also in pain whose medical cause is unknown). 

  • Sports injuries - acute and chronic. 

  • General musculoskeletal complaints (Back, Neck, Shoulder, Etc.) 

  • Changes in sensation, strength and coordination loss. 

  • Movement restrictions after trauma/surgery. 

  • Scars.

We use only natural ingreadients, like our home made wax

Doktor-K Deep Wax

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The prices for the treatments do not apply to people who are insured for physiotherapy. If the appointment is made you will receive a confirmation in your mailbox. When the appointment is made you get an email to confirm the appointment.

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